Layering rings or stackable rings are a trend where rings are worn on top of each other. The Duchess of Sussex is one of the inspirators who put the stacking ring trend back in the spotlight by wearing several thin stacking rings in public appearances. Stackable rings also got the likes of A-list stars like Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Hyland. The look of stackable rings combines a variety of ring styles that result in a layered and personal “stack”. A simple trend like this can uplift your overall outfit instantly.

To achieve the look in an successful way multiple fingers should join the jewelry game without overdoing it. In addition, it is key to arrange without being too perfectly matched. Although it will help the appearance to keep the metal, yellow gold, rose gold or silver in balance by choosing the same metal. Unless you are opting for a look that needs mixing of metal. It’s your stacking game and there are no right or wrongs to express your personal style.

Popular rings for a stackable ring set are:

Ultra thin stacking rings

Normally this trend is done by combining delicate and thin stacking rings to avoid the look from becoming too busy. Four ultra thin stacking rings that are balanced out on two fingers can still look elegant instead of busy.

– Stackable birthstone rings

As the trend gives you more freedom than a single ring to express your personality, stackable birthstone rings are a favourite. Adding your own birthstone or choosing the birthstone of your first-born child for your ring gives jewelry meaning, making this type of ring popular as a gift as well.

– Stackable rings with names

Personalizing the stackable ring set to what you hold dear such as names is seen a lot. Adding your husband’s name, your name or the name of a loved one you miss to a jewelry piece can elevate the emotional value more than anything else.

With the technology becoming better and better by the day names can be engraved using a laser onto the ring in your own or loved ones handwriting. The text will be engraved exactly the way it has been handwritten.

Golden ring with handwritten engraving

– Stackable eternity rings

As the trend allows you to layer rings on top of each other, eternity rings are perfect for it. The ring does not need to be as these rings are normally set with identical gems in a straight line, making it easy to layer multiple eternity rings.

– Stackable rings with fingerprint

Can this trend get any more personal? Yes, it surely can by adding a fingerprint to a stackable ring. This ring is unique and a very beautiful dedication to that person. The only thing you have to bare in mind with stackable rings with fingerprint is that the surface needs to be larger than previously mentioned rings as it needs to fit the print.

Creating your own signature ring stack

Getting a ring stack overnight is only possible if you have multiple rings that you can use to mix and match. It is a process in which you will be building your own signature ring stack by adding rings that suit you to your collection. It can start with a thin gold ring you got from your mom or your engagement ring to, later on, combine with a matching ring.

It’s all up to you and there is no right or wrong.

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